ARCOS Honored with Prestigious Award for Long-standing Landscape Restoration Efforts in Africa

Kigali, 26th June 2023– The Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS), a non-profit organization dedicated to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the Albertine Rift, Africa Mountains and Great Lakes region, is thrilled to announce that it received a distinguished award from One Tree Planted (OTP) for its exceptional contributions to landscape restoration in Africa. The award ceremony took place on Monday, June 26th, 2023, at ARCOS Head Office in Kigali.

ARCOS has emerged as a first and long-standing planting partner of OTP, a renowned environmental non-profit organization committed to global reforestation efforts. Together, ARCOS and OTP have spearheaded numerous initiatives focused on rehabilitating and restoring vital ecosystems in Rwanda. This collaborative effort has yielded remarkable results and contributed significantly to the preservation of natural habitats, the protection of endangered species, and the enhancement of local livelihoods.

Dr. Sam Kanyamibwa, Founder & CEO of ARCOS, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, stating, “We are deeply honored to receive this prestigious award from One Tree Planted, which acknowledges our unwavering commitment to landscape restoration and conservation. This achievement reflects the tireless efforts of our dedicated team and the strong partnerships we have cultivated over the years. We remain steadfast in our mission to protect the unique biodiversity of the Albertine Rift, Africa Mountains and Great Lakes Ecosystems as well as promote sustainable development for the benefit of present and future generations.”

Dr Sam Kanyamibwa, ARCOS Founder & CEO addressing the congregation

The impact of ARCOS’ landscape restoration initiatives has been far-reaching, with tangible environmental, social, and economic benefits. With an annual capacity of planting and growing 5 millions trees, ARCOS is restoring more than 40,000 hectares of arable land in the Albertine Rift region, primarily in Rwanda, thereby mitigating climate change and fostering the involvement of local communities in conservation efforts. With 50,000 smallholder farmers households engaged as champions of restoration, of which 60% are women, ARCOS is empowering these individuals to actively participate in the restoration of degraded landscapes.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the government of Rwanda for their support in facilitating these high-impact initiatives and their commitment to environmental sustainability.” said Sam.

The award ceremony brought together prominent conservationists, government officials, and key stakeholders who share a common goal of preserving Africa’s natural heritage. It will serve as an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of ARCOS and One Tree Planted while inspiring others to join the global movement for landscape restoration and sustainable development.

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