Our Approach

We Empower

  • From its establishment, ARCOS has put capacity building, information sharing and stakeholders empowerment on top of its priorities. ARCOS has implemented several capacity building programmes targeting mostly local community organisations and national NGOs, but also government institutions.
  • Over the years, ARCOS has built its expertise in institutional development, advocacy and fundraising as well as information management, integrated freshwater management and sustainable mountain development.
  • We will continue to enhance the capacity of different stakeholders and support the mainstreaming of biodiversity and ecosystem services in development policies, strategies, and investments at national, regional and international levels.

We Network

  • ARCOS’s network includes different specialised groups and alliances in different areas of conservation and development. We put networking and stakeholders’ engagement at the centre of our operations and today, our network is able to influence change at different levels.
  • This networking and knowledge base is extending to new areas of water, energy and food security nexus and networking for nature based community enterprises.

We Act on Ground

  • One of our key strategic decisions is to ensure the right balance between regional/national and international processes and field activities. ARCOS embraces ecosystem based management applied at landscape level and aims at regulating the use of ecosystems so that we can benefit from them while at the same time modifying the impacts on them so that basic ecosystem functions are preserved.
  • Our landscape approach in field interventions is a holistic approach integrating ecological, economic and social aspects necessary to meet the needs of people and nature. Our field interventions are focused in the Albertine Rift region and working through partners for actions beyond the region.