Africa’sCall toLead:Shaping a Green Future for theContinent

In a world where climate change threatens our very existence, the first Africa Climate Summit stands as a beacon of hope. This pivotal moment presents a unique opportunity for African nations, civil society organizations, and the private sector to unite in defining a shared vision for sustainable development amidst the climate crisis. As the Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS), a staunch advocate and actor for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development across the African Great Lakes and Mountains regions, we recognize the
significance of this summit. We implore African leaders to seize this moment and lead the world towards a greener and more equitable future.

The urgency of our plea is underscored by the harsh realities faced by the people of Africa today. Prolonged droughts, catastrophic floods, and destructive cyclones have already displaced millions and wreaked havoc on communities, with the most impoverished often
receiving only a n of the funding from adaptations and mitigation efforts, intensifying their suffering. These events are not distant threats; they are happening now, disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable, and we cannot afford to wait any longer. ARCOS strongly advocates that the Africa Climate Summit presents a pivotal opportunity to prioritize solutions for building the resilience of ecosystems, but more critically, for the well-being of these vulnerable communities.

Shaping a Green Future for the Continent and the Globe

As a continent of extraordinary diversity with 54 nations reflects both the complexity of climate change challenges and the opportunities for innovative solutions. The Africa Climate Summit is an opportunity to lead the world in climate action. By articulating a shared vision for green
development and showcasing progress, we can foster collaboration with the global community and shape common priorities for international discussions. Africa’s potential for sustainable development is immense, and this summit allows us to harness that potential for the benefit of
our continent and the world. ARCOS, as an organization deeply committed to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, calls for a holistic approach that emphasizes transitioning to a circular and green economy. We advocate for the integration of circular economy principles to minimize waste, promote resource efficiency, conserve biodiversity & restore degraded ecosystems and mostly create equitable and sustainable economic opportunities. Our commitment to these principles establishes our credibility and commitment to a greener future for Africa.

We echo the sentiments expressed by Kenyan President H.E. William Ruto, highlighting Africa’s commitment to guiding the world towards inclusive climate action. By seizing this moment, we can chart a new path towards sustainability and resilience, benefiting both our
continent and the world. Climate change is already devastating lives in Africa.

We cannot ignore the suffering of our people. We must act now to prevent further harm. ARCOS, as an advocate for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, stands as a credible voice for a greener future

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