ARCOS gather its staff to discuss how to foster Eco-Agriculture in its Landscapes: Day one

18th and 19th August 2022 will see ARCOS staff members from Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo meeting in Kigali to discuss on “Eco-Agriculture” as a cross-cutting theme for all the ARCOS strategic areas. The 2021-2030, ARCOS strategic plan is centered on 6 strategic areas, namely; Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Restoration, Community Livelihoods, Education for Sustainable Development, Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, as well as Green Development. 

ARCOS has been putting much efforts in training farmer communities in different agricultural methods and crop management, in line with improving the way they manage their farmland but mainly as a contribution to sustainable agriculture. 

The first day of the meeting was marked by a one hundred staff visiting the ARCOS CEO’s farm where sustainable methods are put into practices. Dr Sam Kanyamibwa, ARCOS CEO, has been engaged in practicing agriculture in respect of nature and biodiversity since 2021 in Shyorongi, Rulindo district. 

“Our environment is facing serious problems including pressure on land, erratic rainfall patterns, deadly floods and droughts as well as other drastic effects of climate change. All these mentioned affects the way our communities practice agriculture.” said Dr Kanyamibwa. He emphasized that this visit should be a good occasion to preach communities not only by theories but with hands-on small examples as shown from this visit.

Staff concluded this farm visit with eagerness to emulate what they saw in their respective landscapes.

Maize is one of agriculture produces harvested in the visited farm.

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