Projects on addressing threats to freshwater services in the key landscapes of the African Great Lakes Region

ARCOS is happy to announce that in the framework of the project termed “Stakeholders Engagement for Informed Decision-Making, Threats Mitigation and Sustainable Freshwater Services Management in the Great Lakes Region of East and Central Africa” implemented by ARCOS in collaboration with its Partners and with funding support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, a special call for proposals is addressed to all NGOs operating in the Great Lakes Region for projects seeking to addressing threats affecting freshwater ecosystems in this region.

ARCOS Small Grants build on several years of experience characterized by the spirit of collaborative actions to catalyse lasting change in critical biodiversity areas of the Albertine Rift and the Great Lakes Region of East and Central Africa, as a contribution to MacArthur Foundation’s Strategy for the Great Lakes region.  The specific objectives of ARCOS Small Grants are:
  1. To strengthen collaborative actions involving local NGOs, government institutions, technical institutions and where possible the private sector;
  2. To build capacity of local institutions, particularly local NGOs;
  3. To catalyse lasting solutions for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development issues in the Albertine Rift region and critical watersheds and other freshwater ecosystems of the Great Lakes Region of East and Central Africa.
Only initiatives where a civil society organization is the main applicant are eligible. Government authorities and for-profit (commercial, private market) actors cannot apply but may participate as cooperation partners in the project, or be part of a coalition where a civil society organization is the main applicant. The projects can cover the following themes as set forth in the ARCOS small grants program guidelines:

1.   Capacity Building and Institutional Development
2.   Nature Based Community Enterprises
3.   Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Benefits
4.   Policy Analysis and Advocacy
5.   Climate Change and Community Adaptation
6.   Natural Resources Management Governance
7.   Awareness, Knowledge and Information
8.   Biodiversity Threat Mitigation.

This call is targeting civil society organizations in the Great Lakes region, with focus on three priority basins, to support sustainable actions at the river basin level addressing major threats, and promote community livelihoods:
  1. Lake Tanganyika Basin: River Rusizi (along the DRC/Burundi/Rwanda border and Kibira-Rusizi plain landscape), and River Malagarasi River (a transboundary river originating in Burundi and flowing through Tanzania and into Lake Tanganyika)
  2. Lake Victoria Basin: Akanyaru and Kagera Rivers along Tanzania/Rwanda/Uganda border).
  3. Upper Nile Basin: Third level priority. River Semliki along the DRC/Uganda border up to south Sudan and extending to South Sudan). 

You can read more on ARCOS small grants program including eligibility criteria, budget guidelines, proposal format, and application mode here. No applications will be received after the deadles as set in the guidelines document.

For more information, please contact us