Brigitte Nikita Kanyamugenge


Head of Nature-Based Community Development Programme



Mrs. Brigitte holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry and Nature Conservation obtained from the University of Rwanda. In addition, she followed a number of courses and trainings in sustainable natural resources management, sustainable agriculture, leadership and community development.

Brigitte has worked with a number of public, private and national and international non-governmental organisations. Her education and professional background enabled her to acquired skills and experience in sustainable environmental management and community development. She has strong expertise in community-based enterprises development and management, and has strong capacity to understand community dynamics and identify community development indicators and facts according to various patterns such as age, gender, demography, mobility, income, etc.

In addition to a combination of useful technical expertise, Brigitte has developed a strong professional character integrating critical and independent thinking, multiple tasks and projects management, complex problems-solving, knowledge transfer, being purposeful and result-oriented, continual learning and acquiring new skills, etc.

 She has tremendous experience in engaging and working with a diversity of stakeholders to promote transformational changes for the sake of nature and people and she is passionate of facilitating people’s togetherness for a shared vision towards sustainability.