Leonce Niyonsenga


Cell Community Extension Officer



Leonce is a Social innovator and the Managing Director of Fruits and Tree Nursery Group Ltd. Since 2017, He was a Field officer and Agroforestry Tree Nursery Manager at MURIZ Supply Ltd where he was leading a project ended in December 2018. He was a party of many organizations where is in a position of a Digital Ambassador DOT RWANDA/ DAP program funded by GIZ and the Ministry of ICT and Innovation where he trained a Rwandan Community to adopt the use of Technology in their careers.

Currently, he is a Cell Community Extension Officer at the ARCOS Network and his overall responsibility includes Coordination of field activities, providing an advice to support farmers, community group and tree nursery managers on tree planting. This to mean, promoting the biodiversity conservation for environment and community benefits.

Leonce holds a Bachelor of Science Honors in Forestry from the university of Rwanda. He has a demonstrated passion and commitment to community, participatory community, development, impact evaluation and the distribution of fruit trees and Agroforestry tree species through RAB in the project funded by One Acre Fund/ TUBURA.