Dr. Charles Kahindo


Board Member


D.R Congo

Dr. Charles Kahindo is currently working as senior lecturer and scientist affiliated with State University of Bukavu (Universite Officielle de Bukavu). He is also the Deputy Director in charge of Administration at Bukavu Teachers’ College (ISP/Bukavu).   Charles studied at Makerere University where he obtained a master’s degree in environmental management and a PhD (2005) in conservation biology.  In the past Charles served as Interim Country Director and ongoing Technical Director for Conservation International’s (CI) program in Democratic Republic of Congo.  He focused on the management of community-supported projects which are designed to contribute to the well-being of people in the DRC through good governance, sustainable production, and the protection of the country’s life-sustaining natural capital.  

Prior to joining CI, Charles served as Project Leader with World Wildlife Fund in Uvira, in the eastern part of DRC where his primary role was to manage and implement the Democratic Republic of Congo Component of UN Development Programme/Global Environment Facility Transboundary Project. In this capacity, Charles worked to ensure full integration of project activities for local community development and sustainable management of the Lake Tanganyika Catchment.

Just after his PhD he worked as Regional Coordinator for the Albertine Rift Conservation Society in Kampala. He is an avid bird watcher whose favorite species to observe in the wild is the Grauer's Swamp-warbler (Bradypterus graueri), and a father of five children.