Christella Suavis Iradukunda


Landscape Manager



Mrs Christella Suavis Iradukunda hold a MSc degree in Biodiversity Conservation from the University of Rwanda; in her bachelor’s degree she did zoology and conservation at the former National University of Rwanda.

Christella has been involved in different conservation research projects aiming for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Besides that, she contributed as a trainer in various projects that dealt with local communities, including farmers and traditional healers; helping in the sustainable use and protection of our productive landscape and forestry facing the global ‘climate change’ threat, thus contributing to the well-being of people and a viable Earth is her motto.

Currently, Christella is working as a Cell Community Extension Officer; where she is in charge of coordinating, provide advice and support to farmers as well as support tree nursery management.

A part from being interested in biodiversity, Christella likes to travel and singing