Aimable Hafashimana


Cell Community Extension Officer



Aimable holds Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Engineering and Environmental Sciences with Honors in Agroforestry issued at University of Rwanda.

He worked as Forest extension Officer at Nyamagabe District for one year, he was also Field Technician of terrace making in Nyabihu district under Supervision of Land Husbandry, Water Harvesting and Hillside Irrigation Project (LWH) for 1 year. He was Social Ecomomic Development Officer(SEDO) at Musanze District for Four years.

Currently, He is a Cell Community Extension Officer in the ARCOS Network and his overall responsibility is Coordinating the field activities, providing an advice to support farmers, community groups and tree nursery managers on tree planting and management in order to promote the biodiversity conservation for environment and community benefits.

His hobby is to conserve the nature