Our websites

  • ARCOS main website (www.arcosnetwork.org)  is the central channel to: 

    Give background information on ARCOS’ mission, vision, strategic areas of interest, programmes and activities 

    Display news on conservation and development in the region and internationally 

    Serve as a window to all ARCOS’ partners and donors as it features ARCOS success stories, programmes and projects.

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  • ARCOS runs an events organization and management service. As part of the service, ARCOS has developed an event management system which is a web-based application that automates much of the event management tasks from registrations to marketing, branding and communications with participants and stakeholders. An example of an instance of this application is the World Mountain Forum 2016 website or Africa Regional Mountain Forum. Browse the website here (World Mountain Forum 2016; the last event we organized: http://wmf.mtnforum.org/WMF16/en)

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  • ARCOS Biodiversity Information Management System provides access to the data published through the ARCOS Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT). This includes occurrence data and species checklists for the Albertine Rift region. The media library provides useful documents and other relevant material.

    ARBIMS Portal was developed with funding support from the JRS Biodiversity Foundation under a project initiated in 2011 and which focused initially on the development of regional data sharing standards, building capacity of professionals in data management, and building relationships with various institutions. The last phase of the ARBIMS development has extended the Portal to the Great Lakes Freshwater Ecosystems and the African Mountains, developed with funding support from the MacArthur Foundation and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation respectively.

    Browse ARBIMS here: http://arbims.arcosnetwork.org/

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