Event management

We value our clients and we strive to ensure that your event provides the return on investment.

We value our clients and we strive to ensure that your event provides the return on investment.

a) Participants management and support

Speakers and presenters liaison

ARCOS focal regions have been the Albertine Rift, Africa Great Lakes region and African Mountains. Throughout ARCOS existence, we have built strong collaborative groups and focal persons in many countries of Africa in the field of conservation and sustainable development. This enables the identification and engagement of speakers and active participants at the events in the mentioned regions.

Registration management and support

We host an event website where the participants can register online. The participants are supported by ARCOS technical team.

b) Event branding and marketing

ARCOS event management extends to branding and marketing the event. Our team captures individual impression and creates a long term memory about the event through different promotional materials we produce, thanks to our skills in communications and event marketing.

c) Logistical arrangements

Logistical arrangements constitutes a key aspect in organizing an event. We strive always to get good services (accommodation, catering, flights, etc.), using cheap options. Our team is good in negotiation to get reasonable discounts. We work closely with a professional travel agency to book participants flights as early as possible.

d) Technical support and facilitation

ARCOS has skilled and professional technical staff that facilitate the formulation of technical program and able to help the technical committee of the event, ensuring good flow and result oriented event.

e) Event communications, media and reporting

Thanks to our skilled communications team, we deliver a quality event communications. Our team produces quality bilingual (English and French) materials such as flyers, briefs, news release, announcements, etc., according to the objective of an event. We also provide a reporting service where the event summary report is produced and disseminated the day after the event ended; we finally produce the technical report for the event. Building on our large network of stakeholders and strong relationship with media houses in the Albertine Rift countries, the Africa Great Lakes region and African Mountain countries, we disseminate the materials and outcomes of the events widely and promptly. Through our dynamic design, we amplify awareness and unforgettable experience of the event.

II. Our Approach and Core Values

We value our clients and we strive to ensure that your event provides the return on investment. Our core values include: Collaborative Action and Partnership, Positive and Passionate about our work, Professionalism, Results Oriented, Accountability and Integrity, Good Communication and Information for Change and Sustainability of Actions, we strive to deliver quality results of an event that satisfy the objectives and the needs of our clients.

III. Our Team

ARCOS has 20 staff, with 5 among them fully dedicated to events management services:

1. Supervision and Policy Guidance: ARCOS Executive Director

2. Event Management: Event Manager ensures day to day management and coordination

3. Technical support: ARCOS Conservation Director provides technical support to the event programme and delivery

4. Communications, Media and Reporting: ARCOS Communications Officer

5. Finance and Administration: ARCOS Finance and Operations Manager

IV. Our Credentials and Experience

Throughout its existence, ARCOS has put much effort in putting together conservation stakeholders. ARCOS is the Award Winner of the 2012 MacArthur Award for Creative and Innovative Institution (MACEI). W organized many successful workshops and we gained much experience in organizing events, from small to big international events. To mention few, the following are some of the events organized and facilitated: