Supporting communities in sustainable agriculture: ARCOS Network donates 45 pigs to two cooperatives in Rutsiro District

The Albertine Rift has embarked to a road to resilience. In that regard, it partners with communities to find sustainable solutions to environmental threats and economic development. It is in that framework, ARCOS donated 25 pigs to Jyambere Munyarwanda and 20 pigs to Mutubehafi, in order to support their farming activities and to increase their income. Both cooperatives operate in Mukura Sector of Rutsiro District.

Under 12 years Sustainability Agreement signed in 2016 between ARCOS, Mukura sector and the two cooperatives, both of the cooperatives chose pigs as business potential to support their farming activities by providing manure as well as to boost their income.

We won’t struggle again to find manure and every member and village members will benefit from these pigs after they reproduce. They will support us in improving our soil and thus increase the harvest. I thank very much ARCOS for this gift” said Nyiramajyambere Marcienne, Mutubehafi cooperative member.

The sustainability agreement entails activities under ARCOS’ BEST-Approach including activities related to building sustainable institutions (B), ensuring environmental resilience (E), sustainable business (S) under which these pigs are donated and the support received in buying coops land, and transforming and inspiring others (T).

See the programme details here

Oooh, we are very happy for these 25 pigs gift and we pray that God blesses ARCOS; the issue of manure is solved and pigs rearing is a very good business opportunity for us. So far, we achieved a lot under our agreement, for instance, with ARCOS support, we managed to develop and plant 20,000 seedlings and communities in Kabisasa were very happy and thankful” Agnes Uwifashije, President of Mwendo Sub-group of Jyambere Munyarwanda.

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