Empower 2,000 rural Rwandan farmers, your donation is worth double today!

Today, 20th June, is a Bonus Day. Global Giving will double every contribution, so your help is worth even more! Donate to support our cause and improve rural farmers livelihoods.

I have never seen a flooding like this! “ Joice Nyirabuseruka is a member of KABONYA, farmers cooperative  in Bugesera, Rwanda, farming in this area for over 40 years. “The soil and water was good to grow beans and soy [but] we have recorded very big losses in our harvest due to the recent disasters.”

Climate change is a big challenge for numerous farmers in the developing world. Rwanda however has another issue, a high population density and not enough arable land for the amount of people. The extensive deforestation (over 50% from only 1990 to 2005) and unsustainable farming has increased soil erosion, incidents of landslides and flooding. Rural farmers have little capacity to cope with the impacts of climate change. 

Cooperatives like KABONYA are trying to tackle the issues of land degradation and climate change as a group. But they are often facing an incremental problem, “We are committed to solve the environmental issues as it is the only way to solve the issues that many farmers face but we need the guidance from experts in sustainable agriculture and we sometimes lack financial resources for some activities required to restore our degraded lands”, states Joice. 

ARCOS supports its more than 30 community cooperative partners among other things, offering capability training in sustainable agriculture, business management, environmental conservation and provide financial and technical support to their nature based businesses to improve livelihoods and environment sustainability (see ARCOS Nature Based Community Enterprises Programme Here).

Now we want to empower more 2,000 rural Rwandan farmers and restore 100ha of their land. For this, we are trying to raise $ 28,000 through a global campaign and today is a Bonus Day.

Global Giving will double every contribution, so your help is worth even more!

We have 3 weeks (11/06- 29/06) to reach our goal. If we succeed, we will be able to begin even more projects like this in other parts of Rwanda and in other East African Regions.

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