ARCOS provided 7 tons of certified seeds to farmers as a proactive approach to deal with climate change

Global changes in temperature and precipitations projected to increase in the future, agriculture and food production are more vulnerable than ever. Inevitably, this instability puts a threat on farmers’ production and livelihoods. In point of fact, climate change will reduce agricultural production by 2% every decade and demand will increase by 14% every decade. There are various solutions to offset negative impacts of climate change on agriculture. Apart from providing trainings and guidance about sustainable agriculture, ARCOS is providing farmers with access to climate resilient seeds as a proactive approach to build farmers capacity to cope with climate change impact. 

When 2021 was down turning, ARCOS provided climate resilient maize and beans seeds to 4,000 farmers (member of 201 Friends of Nature Associations (FNAs)) involving approx. 160ha of arable land. As mentioned above, this initiative came in as a contribution to existing ARCOS Nature Based Community Initiatives, though BEST approach, to deal with climate change. 

“Given the challenges facing agriculture resulting from climate-induced stresses, building resilience is a priority” said Brigitte Kanyamugenge, Head of Community Development at ARCOS. She emphasized that this initiative is important for the farmers as seed security has direct links to food security, and resilient agricultural ecosystems in the general run of things. 

Uwimana Serge is a member of FNA, Twimakaze Igiti and beneficiary of seeds based in Rulindo district. “I can’t thank enough ARCOS for partnering with us, farmers, towards sustainable agriculture.” said Serge. 

Serge spotlighted that the acquired skills in sustainable agriculture practices and the provided seeds will enhance their produce as well their resilience to climate related issues.